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94Fifty® Sports Technologies develops sophisticated but cost-effective basketball skill analysis technologies for the mass market. It is committed to bringing new information to both elite level and youth level basketball so that players can better develop skills and their coaches and trainers have objective information about their development. The company’s mission is to improve the fundamental skill of any basketball player by using information to make skill development measurable. Our vision is to create the most compelling destination for athletes who play team sports to compete with any other athlete, anywhere in the world, in real time.

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It started with a pretty simple concept. The ball only does what the player tells it to do. By measuring the motion of the ball, you measure the player with great detail. We add patented inertial motion sensor arrays to the inside of the ball for use in basketball, and we combine those sensors with sophisticated, patent-pending pattern recognition algorithms to automate what the ball can count. Proprietary scoring algorithms based on thousands of samples do the rest to produce the most complete personalized assessments of athletic skill ever available in any sport.

Our studies have shown that by measuring the ball, we can help coaches, trainers, and players understand the muscle memory skill that develops over many repetitions for these sports. Our technology allows coaches, trainers and players to objectively measure skill by analyzing the full 360 degree aspect of the ball’s motion. It is the first company to decipher and commercialize these technologies, so now we can count every bounce, every impact on the ball, spin rates, shooting arc, and even the athletic capabilities of any player to the millisecond.

Our technology generates objective, personalized diagnostics within seconds and stores all information online for players and coaches to see results. We give players and coaches a rich snapshot of core skills, and when combined with personal commitment, great coaching, or personal training, our diagnostics provide a powerful way to improve skills quickly and dramatically.


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